From making your lips luscious to hydrated, lip balm is your pocket-friendly makeup aesthetic.  Applying lip balm is centuries old. Cleopatra, one of the most beautiful women in history, maintained her soft and supple lips through a concoction of olive oil, beeswax, and animal fat. With time, the beauty care regimes have changed. The era of Cleopatra’s s concoction has led to lip balms. The procedure might have changed but the desire to flaunt shiny, and healthy lips is still desirable. Lip balms remain the mainstay of the lip’s care routine. Unfortunately, lip balms do not feature in your beauty regime. Because most women feel that a good quality lipstick can simply swipe over that chapped and cracked lips. A make-up disaster, surely.

No amount of lipstick, even branded and expensive one can conceal your cracked, dehydrated lips. The chapped and dry ones look more visible. So if you want to have luscious and kissable lips then using lip balm can be your only solution.

Is it safe to use lip balm regularly?

Absolutely. Since most lip balms are devoid of any synthetic ingredients or chemicals, it is safe to use whenever your lips feel dry and chapped. Go for EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm, which is 100% organic and is made of Chamomile will add gloss to your lips. Because of being organic, you can apply more than once a day and thus keeping your lips moisturized. Buy lip balms online and find the products that suit your needs.

In addition to applying, remember never to lick your lips and keep yourself hydrated with 8-12 glasses of water.

Benefits of using one

  • Avoid the embarrassment of chapped dry lips. Apply hydrating and moisturizing lip balm. The Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm provides you with the ample nourishment that your dry lips require.
  • To protect your lips from extreme sun rays, apply a good SPF-infused lip balm. It protects from getting cracked and damaged.
  • While retiring for the night do not forget to apply ample lip balm on your lips. They flush out toxins to produce new cells when you sleep at night. Hence, they lose moisture considerably. Balms ensure that your lips are hydrated and protected throughout the night.
  • Want to make your thin lips fuller? Simple. Apply lip balm regularly. This will plump up your lips while lessening the lines around them.
  • Do not want to look dull. But then you do not want to apply lipstick. Sort it out with the use of lip balm. The Gatineau Perfection Ultimate Lip Balm SPF 15 37 g-03 Peony gives you the luster and shines to your lips when you are venturing out for a walk or run.
  • Beauty tips: Apply lip balm on your lips and then your lipstick. It not only slides like butter but also gives a shine to your lips.

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Your essential makeup accessory

Chapped lips are caused to harsh weather conditions, such as cold, dry, and sunny. When you apply lip balm it forms a protective layer that seals in the moisture. The moisture keeps our lips from getting dry or chapped. Scroll through various options and buy women's lip balms online. Those days when you don’t feel like applying lipstick or when you feel it is too heavy for your lips, Gatineau Perfection Ultime Lip Balm, SPF 15 37 g-02 Scarlet Red does not let you compromise on the application and the color.

Tips to apply lip balm effectively

Do know to apply lip balm correctly. Just buying and owning one won’t help you. Most of the lip balm comes with an applicator. From the bottom roll the dial, resulting in the balm coming up. Do not roll in the entire balm. Apply in a circular motion, press your lips together and you are done.

At Beauty Bop you will find an array of collection of lip balms that will spike your interest. Keep your balm handy, apply it whenever your lips feel dry. Indulge and buy lip balms online, your lips will definitely ‘gloss’ over this effort on your part.